FIRST EVER Creative Team Call!

It's about time, right! I've been digital scrapbooking and designing for over 10 years. I don't ever recall doing an official team call! But I'm ready to do one now. I'm looking for a few awesome people to join my wonderful team (it really is wonderful!). If you love using templates or making hybrid scrapbook pages (I'm looking for people to use my .svg Cut Outs) or enjoy writing some blog content (tips, tutorials, team pages, GSOs, etc...) go ahead and apply here:

The call ends on January 22nd, and I'm hoping to announce my new team on February 1st.


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EminePalaScrapbookingArt said...

Wonderful dear.
Your designs are awesome. Do you mind if I give it a shot?
Coming back in the game of creating and sharing, hope you don't mind.
It would be an honor to me. And to a lot of people I'm sure ;)

Good luck with sorting through all the applications dear.

Kind Regards,

Emine Pala
Hybrid and freelance magazine work

The Netherlands

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