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Hello and happy Thursday!  I’m CTM Robin and I’m here with another Template with a Twist blog post.  Today I’d like to show you how versatile Liz’s Cut Outs are!  Seriously, they can be used in so many ways which once again helps us stretch our stash!!  It’s crazy how scrappers can use them so differently.

Let me show you what I mean.  For instance, Maribel places paper behind her Rhode Island Cut Outs. 

Don’t you just love the way she shadowed her cut outs on top of the striped paper? Speaking of filling the Cut Outs, Marnel used Liz’s PaperCut Outs as a place holder for her photos, papers, AND stamps!

Isn’t this brilliant?  I love the way she fills the page with color without distracting the attention from her photos!  You can also fill the cut outs with different colors or papers like lcpereya did on her page with the Run Cut Outs.

I love the way she did this selectively to create movement on the page.  It’s quite fitting with her photo don’t you think?!  And finally, I wanted to show you Ellen’s layout using Liz’s Adventure Awaits Cut Outs.

I am totally in love with how she used these Cut Outs to actually cut away part of her photo!!  I bet you agree that his is a beautiful addition to a beautiful page, ‘eh?!

Isn’t it fun!!  This is just a few of the ways I’ve seen people use Liz’s Cut Outs in the gallery.  Once again I have to say I’m amazed that so many people think so differently, and yet everyone of them makes gorgeous pages!  I hope this blog post gives you some ideas and boosts your scrapping mojo!

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