10x10 Shutterfly Layflat Album Review!

It's about time! I completed this album at the end of 2018 and then ordered the album in February of 2019. And it's December 2019 and I'm finally writing up a blog post about my 10x10 Layflat Shutterfly Album.

As you can see my kids love it, but they really love all of my scrapbook albums. Our family scrapbooks are their favorite "books" to read.

The 10x10 album is the perfect size for little laps.

Just right for flipping through and the pages are sturdy enough that I don't have to worry about pages getting ripped or torn.

For the last few years, I've been printing 12x12 pages and slipping them in a traditional album. You can see my 2016 review here. I really do love the way the traditional album works but the size was overwhelming my shelves and I wanted to try something different this year. Keep reading for a comparison of the different albums I've ordered.

Some close-ups! I love how they lay flat and you can really see that spread with no cut off in the middle. And the text and journaling were still easy to read at the 10x10 size.

Using Everyday Templates

The colors are great. The pages have a matte finish and a little bit of shine to them.

My kids love to find QR codes on the pages and then use my phone to scan to watch the video.

Oh, I just love looking at these photos!

Here's a close up of the spine. They have hinged binding.

Here's a size comparison of my 12x12 traditional album to my 10x10 Shutterfly Layflat album.

That's going to take up a lot less space on my shelf!

I've also added my 12x12 Blurb book to the pile (it's not layflat).

Here I've added my 12x12 Layflat Shutterfly Album. It's the 2nd one in the stack.

From left to rights. 12x12 Traditional. 12x12 Shutterfly Layflat. 12x12 Blurb. 10x10 Shutterfly Layflat.

On my shelves. There are 4 traditional albums, the 12x12 Layflat Shutterfly Album, 2-12x12 Blurb books and then the 10x10 Layflat Shutterfly Album.

Looking down for size comparison. I also have another blog post here about the size comparison of albums.

There are so many pros to the 10x10 size that I plan on continuing to use the 10x10 size on my family albums. The only thing I would be more careful about is the bleed. If you are making project life style pages and your photos go all the way up to the edge some of that will be cut off...so just plan accordingly. If you do order from Shutterfly make sure you wait for a big sale. I saved almost $200 and only paid around $75 for my album!

I guess this turned more into a comparison of different size albums but overall I am extremely happy with this specific album and so are my kids!

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Maira Gall