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Happy December y’all!!!  Can you believe it’s the last month of the year?  How??  Where has it gone?  Well, since it’s December I bet you are seeing a lot of Christmas layouts in the gallery.  I know I am!  But besides making me want to scrap, these layouts are inspiring me to TAKE PHOTOS too.  Sometimes other people think of photo opportunities that never even crossed my mind.  So this year, I decided to peruse the galleries and come up with a list of moments or items that I’d like to capture based on pages I’ve seen.  Let me show you what I mean.  

This layout by AmandaJ reminds me not only to pull out my Christmas essential oils, but to take a picture too!  I also love that she included an album cover of her favorite group.  I think I need to capture a picture of my son listening to his favorite music so I’ll know what he was listening to after he grows up.

A bit later I found this gorgeous layout by navaja77.  She not only captured lights, but also her daughter’s reaction to them.  What a great idea!  Usually I don’t even try to get a photo in the dark, but she’s inspired me to do just that this year.

Now take a peek at this layout by EllenT.  Those sweet Christmas dresses are so eye catching.  Like many, we do get dressed up for parties and recitals and plays.  I need to document those fancy clohes too!  I love her family photo as well.  Ahhh family – hard to get everyone sitting still, but so worth it to freeze a piece of time!

And family doesn’t have to mean only people!! Weaselwatchr made this super cute photo of her cat during the Christmas season.  Pets are part of our family too!  Thanks to weaselwatchr, I’m going to make an effort to corral my pets into a photo as well.  Maybe I can get them to stay just long enough to press my shutter button 😊

And of course I know I have to immortalize our tree this year just like greenmother has done here. 
Her tree is gorgeous and her layout shows it off perfectly.  As for me?  Well, ours isn’t even up yet (GASP!), but when my daughter comes home for Christmas break, you can be assured that I will take a picture of the tree trimming.  And I may just scraplift greenmother’s layout so I can have a page done quickly and hopefully beautifully as well.

These are just a few of the layouts I’ve found.  I think I’ll keep an eye out throughout the month and find some others to hopefully inspire me in my next blog post.  Maybe you could do the same and make yourself a checklist of moments you’d like to scrap.  You’ll have an amazing keepsake at the end of the season if you do!

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