August 13, 2020

It's GSO Time!!


Happy August y’all!  I cannot believe the summer is passing so quickly.  I’m not ready for school to start, nor the stress of trying to figure out everything that goes with it.  But I have a cure for my panic – it’s time for another Gallery Stand Out blog post and I’m excited to share with you some beautiful and uplifting layouts!

First, peek at this layout by carrie1977:

I love the shadowing on the cutout.  Look how she popped some sides up and left some parts of it closer to the background.  What a fantastic way to use these!

Next, we have this fun one by cinderella:

Her stamp work is beautiful, and I love the blending of her brushes and that paper heart.  I feel like I could reach right down and pick her journal card up off the page too!  Isn’t it sweet?

And look at this great page by LynnZant:

What a neat idea to document the TV shows her family is watching now.  I have to admit that I love the older series, so this page really resonates with me and made me pull out our DVDs!  And you can bet I will be copying her stitching too.  Beautiful job!

Okay, if TV shows don’t lift your mood, I know this page by Mingo08 sure will:

That is a MAGNIFICENT sunset and she scrapped it perfectly.  Her mask work is perfect, and I just adore that bracket and journaling too.  It gives off such a calming vibe!

And finally, I couldn’t resist showing you this page by Angela Toucan:

Read her journaling.  I absolutely adore that she told this sweet story.  Sometimes we need to write down what we are grateful for to lift our spirits and sometimes we just need to laugh at the simple things kids do.  She did both and I’m sure smiling after looking at this layout.

Well that’s it for me.  I hope you like this month’s picks and that you visit the gallery to leave these talented scrappers some much deserved love.  Maybe that will brighten your day just as much as it will theirs!

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