GSO Time!

 Can you believe it’s the end of January already?  Since 2021 hasn’t been a great year either, I’m okay if it goes fast 😊 Well I can’t speed time up, so I had to find another way to beat the blah’s.   I went looking through the gallery today and low and behold, my spirits brightened considerably.  Thanks to MOC, there are so many pretty layouts to supercharge my mojo!  I can’t wait to show you this month’s GSO’s!

First, take a peek at this one by Mum23ms:

Wow.  Simply wow!!  I love her large photo with the lens ball.  Seriously.  I just can’t get enough of this photo.  Then, when you read her journaling, you’ll just be blown away. You have to love everything about this page.

Next I wanted to show you a page by mnjenlittle:

Once again, I was drawn to her large photo which she has framed beautifully with smaller photos.  The title work is really cute too and quite eye catching😊

Now here is one by carrie1977:

Don’t you love the black and white photos with the pops of color scattered throughout the page?  And I love her voice in the journaling.  She tells the story quite well!

Here’s one by garrynkim:

Talk about amazing journaling!  Visit her layout in the gallery and you can read about her bigger-than-life grandfather.  I love the old western feel on this page which suits the photo perfectly!

So by now you probably realize I love a good story.  We won’t be here one day, but our words can stick around and tell our kids and grandkids what happened.  This layout by marijke is a perfect example:

Can’t you just get imagine future generations pouring over this page and getting excited to learn what’s behind the photo?  This, my friends, is why we scrapbook – to preserve those memories for those who come after us!

Well, I hope you enjoyed the bit of eye candy I shared today and feel inspired to take some pictures, scrap a page, and write some journaling!  See you next month 😊

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