It's GSO Time!

 Hello, CTM Robin here to show off some fabulous layouts in this month’s Gallery Stand Out post.  You won’t believe how hard it was to narrow it down to just five layouts this month.  Crazy how so much goodness can be found in one place!

Let me get started with this first layout by keepscrappin:

Don’t you love how she took out a couple of squares and then filled another two with paper / cards?  It really keeps the layout from being overwhelming.  To top that, she adds so many cute word bits and ellies throughout the page that your eyes keeping finding something new every time you look at the page.  Super fun!

Now this one by JenEm:

Ohh her blending is superb!  I love too how she has closeups of the pine needles and pinecones – with an ellie to match even! This is such a soothing layout, and I could just look at it for hours!

djp332 really did an outstanding job on this page:

Look how she filled the letters and then split the page in half – all with different papers but in such a way that the whole layout looks interesting and cohesive.  That takes talent to mix so many patterns successfully.  Great job!

I literally laughed out loud when I saw this one by lowan:

She did an AMAZING job of capturing Alex’s facial expressions while waiting for the parade to start.  I love how she scattered those photos in with ones from the parade as well.  She really told the story of how that event went and I just love that it’s so real!

Finally, here is one made by mywisecrafts:

Those girls look like they are having a grand time with their photoshoot.  The shadowing on this page is amazing and I think the pops of purple throughout the layout are inspiring and perfect for drawing attention to the different photos.  This is beautiful!

Well, that’s it for me this month.  I hope you enjoyed looking at all the eye candy as much as I did, and I know your mojo thanks you for it!


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