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Happy January y’all.  Can you believe this month is almost over already?  Please tell me where the time is going so I can slow it down 😊  CTM Robin here with the start of a new series of blog posts.  This year, once a month, I’ll use two bits and pieces from Liz’s store to create a brand-new layout.  The point of this exercise is to show you how all the little template pieces can be used over and over to create an entire layout.  Since this technique will help you stretch your stash, that’s what the series will be called!  AND to make it more fun, Liz has graciously said that each person who votes for their favorite piece in the comments will be entered into a drawing.  One person will be randomly chosen each month to receive a coupon for whatever piece they voted for.  Confused?  Let me show you!

Okay so this month I chose Tags and Date Starters:

And Must Watch Journal Card Templates:

See how neither is a full template by itself?  But what if I combined the two???  Here is what I made using both pieces:

Now to finish my layout, I included my photo and QR code, and then scrapped them both using Just Jaimee’s A Hash Tag Life kit (retired).

Isn’t that fun??  I took two pieces I’ve been using as fillers in other pages and made one unique layout out of them!  So now what I want you to do is enter a comment below telling us which one you’d like to have: Tags and Date Starters or Must Watch Journal Card Templates.  On 2/28 I’ll hold a random drawing and select one person who will win a coupon for what they voted on.  Simple and fun right??

I hope you play along, have fun, and become inspired to stretch your stash!

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