Week 12 & 13!

 I was just a couple weeks behind, but I got caught up this weekend. Here are weeks 12 and 13. We celebrated a 13th birthday along with some normal weekly activities.

Left side of Week 12, 2022 Digital Scrapbook page.
I love that my daughter texts me pictures, and sometimes I even remember to include them on my pages.

Right  side of Week 12, 2022 Digital Scrapbook page.

Here's Week 13. We wrapped up our final week at our homeschool group, and it turns out most of the pictures from this page are from our homeschool activities. It's been a year worth remembering for sure.

Also, if you look closely you might see a little sneak peek of something NEW that will be in the store on Friday. It has something to do with a QR code.

Week 13 {left} of 2022 Digital Scrapbook Page by Scrapping with Liz.

Week 13 {right} 2022 Digital Scrapbook Page
Remember Templates 4 by Scrapping with Liz
A Spring Day Brushes by Paula Kesselring
A Spring Day Papers by Paula Kesselring

That's it for now.

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