July 15, 2022

Show Off Templates & Taped and Labeled Templates


I had fun creating two new template sets. They each have a unique design that I think will help you scrapbook all of those photos you have. They are 20% OFF this weekend at the Lilypad

  • Show Off Templates - I designed these with a close-in view of a scrapbook page in mind. I thought it might be fun to show off pictures this way.
  • Taped and Labeled Templates - These designs are nice and simple with lots of photo spots that have labels and text spots. They are taped down in various ways for a fun, simple, and stunning design.⁠

Check out some of the gorgeous sample pages below. They are sure to inspire you.

by Candy Lai

by Candy Lai

by Danica

by Hanna

by Hanna

by Stefanie

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