My Mother's Day

Before I begin today's post I'm going to announce winner #2 of my $25 giveaway to my store. Everyone who purchased more then $5 from my store during the sale was entered into the drawing and the winner is Adriana (order #158319) Congrats! Thank you all for supporting me and I hope you enjoyed shopping and grabbing the freebies I had for you. There is still one on facebook right now and I'll also leave my template from my challenge up for a few more days in case you missed it. Oh and don't forget about my sneak peek and giveaway from yesterday. Tiff will be announcing that winner on Thursday.

Now, on to my Mother's Day. My Mother's Day began on Saturday morning, celebrating iNSD alone, at home, by myself! Thanks to my wonderful hubby, I spent most of the morning shopping, designing and scrapping (although I only got one page done!) Then I even got to do a little bit more on Saturday afternoon while the kids played outside. It's amazing how much I can get done when I just have a few hours to focus.

Here's the page I scrapbooked on Saturday.  I used the exclusive template I have on my facebook page right now. I posted it for iNSD and it will be there until I have another one for you! I used DeCrow Designs Amiable Kit.

On Sunday I told my hubby that I really wanted to go hiking. So he found a new spot that we had never hiked and we went hiking after going to church together. It really was the perfect Mother's Day. When I got home, after the girls were in bed, I scrapped a few pages about it. I chose a template from the Miscellaneous set I that had spots for big photos. Then I wanted to make a double pager, so I used the same template and rotated the layers. I kept the pages pretty simple. Since I had so many big photos on the pages, I didn't need a lot of elements (although it is hard not to use all those beautiful elements). I used the kit Seek Adventure from Tracie Stroud and DeCrow Designs and the word bits are from Tracie Stroud's kit Beauty in the World. I also used a screw from Julie Bullock's Stainless Alpha.

Here's the journaling if you are interested in how our hike went.
 For Mother’s Day I really wanted to go on a hike with my family and so that is what we did. Our destination was Glen Falls (about a 1 mile hike) but it was under construction when we got to the trail. There was another trail leading to the left called Chiquapin Mountain Trail. It did say that it was 3.6 miles round trip and “more difficult” and we debated on whether or not we could do it with the girls. We started it and figured we could turn around if we couldn’t do it. We ended up hiking the whole trail with a stop to play in the creek. The girls did awesome and we only heard, “I’m tired” a few times. I did end up carrying Kyla almost the whole way, with a few breaks to carry Emmie and yes, even Ashlyn! Oh and not to mention the 1 mile I ran with Kyla on my back because of a potty emergency (this is the part I will probably remember the most from our trip!). It was a beautiful trail with lots of fun things for the girls to see and then when we got to the top we got to see an amazing view. Even the girls agreed that it was worth the hike. It was a BEAUTIFUL Mother’s Day! Thank you God for giving me these precious children and for the beautiful world you’ve given us.

That was my Mother's Day. I hope you all had a wonderful day too.


Rene' said...

Hello Liz, I just found this blog today from another blog I was at and I have to tell you that your pages of the outdoors is simply beautiful!! It looks very peaceful. I am now following you:)

adriana outeiro said...

Hi Liz
I'm so happy!!!
Thank so much!

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