May 15, 2013

Mini My Publisher

A while ago I made a photo album with My Publisher and I also ordered one of these mini-books (finally getting around to sharing it). I really loved the cute little size....and the price! They are a perfect size for carrying around in my purse. It was super easy to upload my pictures and just have them placed right into the pages.

I pretty much got what I expected for $2.99. It's not super amazing quality but it's just fine for that price.

Here's a side shot.

I wasn't expecting the back page to have their logo on it but for $2.99 I'm okay with that.

My book sits in my purse and my two year old loves pulling it out and flipping through it and naming everyone in her family. :)


1 comment:

LovetoScrapLeslie said...

Liz, thank you for letting your blog followers know about this cute, affordable mini! Just discovered your templates last week and snapped them up. What I loved about them is that instead of giving the buyer just another 365 template, you provided ideas for each journaling slot/card. Pls keep making them! (Love that "The Daily Digi" featured them!).

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