Mini My Publisher

A while ago I made a photo album with My Publisher and I also ordered one of these mini-books (finally getting around to sharing it). I really loved the cute little size...and the price! They are the perfect size for carrying around in my purse. It was super easy to upload my pictures and place the pictures into the album.

I pretty much got what I expected for $2.99. It's not super amazing quality but it's just fine for that price.

Here's a side shot.

I wasn't expecting the back page to have their logo on it but for $2.99 I'm okay with that.

My book sits in my purse and my two-year-old loves pulling it out, flipping through it and naming everyone in her family. :)


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LovetoScrapLeslie said...

Liz, thank you for letting your blog followers know about this cute, affordable mini! Just discovered your templates last week and snapped them up. What I loved about them is that instead of giving the buyer just another 365 template, you provided ideas for each journaling slot/card. Pls keep making them! (Love that "The Daily Digi" featured them!).

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