Storybook Creator .page File Tutorial

If you use SBC Studio or Artisan, you are probably aware that Scrapping with Liz has *.page files that you can use in your scrapping program. But I understand that some of you need a little help on knowing how to use them.  Great thing is, the *.page file format works in Artisan, SBC 3.0 as well as SBC 4.0! How versatile is that?

SBC 4.0 and Artisan
If you have SBC 4.0 or Artisan, you should simply be able to click on the *.page file and it will open up in the program.  But what if you want to join a project you already have in progress?
Open up SBC4.0 or Artisan and go to the Home ribbon.  Select “Add page” and then select “From My Computer”.  Navigate to where you have saved the template you want to use, select it, and it will be added into your project.

SBC 3.0
If you still are using SBC 3.0, I’d suggest you check out Panstoria’s Artisan program to upgrade if for no other reason than it allows you to see thumbnails of all the page files in Explorer!  Plus it has a few other features that you’ll love. But if you’re sticking with 3.0 no matter what, here’s what you do. Again, go into the Home ribbon.  And then select “Import page”.  Now navigate to where the template is that you want to use and it will be added to your project!  Easy peasy!

Using the templates
Now you have the templates in the program and we’re ready to go.  When I turn Liz’s templates into page files for you, I try to make the photo spots “live”.  Actually, if it’s possible, I try to make all the major regular shapes live for you to use.  This will allow you to drag and drop papers into the spots and zoom in or out and move the paper around within the shape.  I love that!  How do you know what shapes are live?  If you click on it and a set of yellow arrows appears in the middle, the shape is live.  You can just drag your papers or photos into the shape.

What if it’s not “live”?  Some shapes are too difficult to make or are intended to be changed into elements available to you in a kit.  So, hearts, flowers, leaves, etc. aren’t live.  Substitute those with kit elements to your heart’s desire!  Sometimes you want to fill a shape with paper, though.  How do you do that?  

Select the shape you want to fill with paper that isn’t a live photo spot.  Select the paper/photo you want to use either from your Photos group our your Content group.  Right click on the paper and select “Fill selected shape”. The paper will fill that spot!  Yay!  You’re well on your way to making a beautiful page!!



Unknown said...

I so appreciate you making the page files! I am so addicted to your templates!

June said...

Thank you so much for providing .page templates! I use Artisan 4 and so am very appreciative! Happy New Year! :)

Jenna said...

Thanks for suggesting workarounds for some of the problems.

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