January 15, 2014

DIY New Year Chalkboard & A Look Back

It's time for another chalkboard. I made this one to ring in the New Year. I found that graphic on pinterest and went with it. I also made these hanging lanterns since I wanted to incorporate Chinese New Year into my board somehow. I'll keep this up through Chinese New Year, and then I'll probably make a Valentine's related board.

The lantern was one of my first ever silhouette projects (did I mention that I got one for Christmas!). Not too bad...although I noticed that I took a close up picture of the one lantern that had a tear in it!

My original plan was to make a new one each month, but that proved to be too much work! So I just made them when inspiration struck, and I had time. I went looking through my chalkboards of the last year, and it was kind of fun to see them. Lots of memories associated with them. Perhaps I should scrap them?

Here they are just for fun. They are linked with their original blog post in case you want to read more about them.

Last Christmas

I really wish I would have taken an "after" picture. We added rivers, cities, pictures, facts, etc....

One of my most favorite boards! Definitely doing this next summer...or maybe I'll do it in the fall for a Fall Bucket List.

I really liked this one too. Might do this one again next year.

I think one thing I really liked was looking at how my bookshelves changed over the year. Things are always changing over here. I think I need to take more pictures of my house and how it changes over the years.....


Chippi said...

They are so great! I am thinking I have to do this when we get into our own house! I can't wait to see all the designs this year! Thanks for sharing!

Jenny said...

Love your chalkboards! You may have said it somewhere, but I didn't see... Do you just use regular chalk, or chalk markers, or something else? Your lettering looks so solid and crisp -- I have a hard time achieving that with chalk! :)

Elizabeth Albers said...

I use regular chalk. I'll get my chalkboard wet and then dip my chalk in water as I'm writing. When it dries it will be super, bright whit and almost look like paint.

Glad you like my chalkboards!

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