Week 8: Hiking, Bike Rides & Fun

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8 weeks worth of pages done, and I'm still loving this project. I'm having a lot of fun taking more pictures with my DSLR and even more fun when I sit down at the end of the week to look at them and scrap them.

Photo Tip of the week: When you are taking pictures during the week make sure to take some everyday pictures. I almost forgot to take some this week as we did so many extra activities that aren't everyday things....like hiking 4 miles and seeing waterfalls (although I wish they could be everyday activities).

Scrapping Tip of the week: Don't be afraid to add a photo or journaling spot to your template if you need to. I had to on this particular page because I just had to use all of the photos you see. I narrowed it down quite a bit, but I really wanted to include all the ones that are on the page. I have a tutorial here that will show you how to add a photo spot, and you can see how to add a text box here.

What a difference a week can make. Last week it was snowing and this week it was in the ’60s! We spent lots of time outside. We went on two hikes. One to Anna Ruby Falls and one on the Bartram Trail. It was our first 4-mile hike of the season, and we are looking forward to a lot more....as we were hiking we thought about Matthew (we do a lot of that) and wondered if he would enjoy hiking. We also went for a bike ride with the cousins and climbed mulch piles on the Greenway. Daddy also took Kyla on her Valentine’s Lunch Date. Each of the girls got a coupon to go out to lunch with Daddy. Kyla was the first to turn hers in...and she chose Zaxby’s. 

The two older girls love helping me in the kitchen and have really begun to be a big help. You can find them every night either cutting something up, frying something up or setting the table. We really enjoy cooking together. Then on Friday night Daddy had to work so we had a girls night complete with memory match & puzzle making.

And here is your freebie for this week. Just click on the image to download. I had way too many photos to use this in my page this week....but maybe you can use it.

Digital Scrapbook Life Cards



marlah24 said...

Love these. Thanks.

Tammy said...

You're doing such an amazing job keeping up with your Project Life! Thank you so much for the journal card template :)

Jennifer Moore said...

Very cool journal template. Love the arrow. Thanks.

Marie H. said...

Back when I was younger and did not have two bad knees and a bad hip, I loved hiking and being outdoors. My hubby and I were boy scout leaders for over 20yrs. My children still speak of our adventures. Thank you for sharing your lives with us. -Marie

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