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The last update I posted was letting you all know we got our LOA. Since then we've been anxiously waiting for a letter in the mail with our provisional I-800 approval. Shortly after receiving the provisional approval we would get an e-mail with a number we would use to fill out some on-line immigration paperwork for Matthew. Let's just say that checking our mail and e-mail these past couple of weeks have been filled with hopefulness, disappointment, excitement, impatience, etc... We finally got the all-important e-mail on Wednesday morning. We were able to fill out the online form and get everything sent to our agency....but not before spending several hours trying to get immigration to fix Matthew's name on the online form. There's always some kind of drama! It makes life interesting, right? But really, I could do without interesting. I'm just glad to say we are done with paperwork, and now we just wait. About two weeks from now we'll officially be waiting for Matthew's travel approval, which can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks from that point. After we get travel approval we'll be able to make travel arrangements and bring him home! Praise the Lord! I'm sure these next 4-6  weeks of waiting are going to do me in. I suppose I'll pass the time by finishing up some templates for you all, finishing up school with my girls...and doing a little shopping for Matthew. I think that should pass the time fairly quickly.

Oh, and scrapping photos of Matthew too!
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MomOnceAgain said...

The waiting seems interminable at times... I waited almost two years to adopt my two youngest - but it was in God's timing, not mine!

... said...

Loving your blog Liz!

I generally put 8-10 photos if I'm doing a PL spread, or 2-3 if normal :)

Thanks for the chance, and sending you good vibes re: Matthew!

sleoner said...

Well, I only put about 2 or 3 pix to a page. Haven't tried putting more than 3 pix just because I'm afraid that I'll shrink them so much, that you won't be able to see details in the photos.

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