2012 - Digital Scrapbook Album

It's here! My 2012 Blurb album. It's been a long time coming. I finished up my pages a few weeks ago and then weighed my options for printing. I had scrapped 130 pages where I had not planned for bleed and gutter (meaning that with certain printing options important stuff was going to get cut off the edges of my pages or be in the gutter of my book). I could print my pages individually through Persnickety Prints (whom I love - you don't have to worry about the bleed with them), or I could go with a Blurb book and choose to have white borders around the edges of my pages to protect the edges of my pages and not have to worry about bleed or gutter. The latter was cheaper and would end up taking up less space on my stuffed bookshelf, so that's what I ended up going with. Plus, I've printed my last couple of family albums through Blurb and I've really liked them. The quality is there, the color of the pages is vibrant, and they have great customer service (read more about my last book here).

When my book arrived the first thing I noticed was that the spine and back were blue. I'm pretty sure I didn't pick blue for my spine or back cover. Knowing Blurb they would have sent me a new book ASAP, but it didn't bother me too much. I'm just going to go with it.

This was the largest Blurb book I've printed. My last two were around 100 pages. You can see how thick it is.

Since my first pages were a double spread I decided to go with a blank white page for my first page.  I guess I could have made a page to put in the cover....but once I started uploading I just wanted to get it done!

Here are some of my pages:

Like in my other Blurb books, I chose to use the white border around each page. I did this to ensure that I would not lose anything important on the edges of my pages.

Apparently, I was liking the double-page spreads!

Here are a couple of pages that weren't double-page spreads. I think they look great next to each other.

These next two pages are my favorites.

So many great memories.

Then, just to show you some of the quality I took this close upshot. I love the colors and look at those shadows...I think I could reach out and touch them.

I plan on doing a blog post sharing a few tips on making a Blurb book with your digital scrapbook pages. If you have any questions let me know, and I'll try to answer them.


P.S. My album is a 12x12! Should have mentioned that above.


Tiff said...

Fun book and your pages are beautiful. I would love to know how you made the spine blue (if you figure it out) I only ever end up with a white spine and I have made a bunch of books through them. I didn't know other colors were an option.

mja said...

beautiful book Liz ... thanks for sharing

mja said...
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Raewyn aka whinney said...

WOW you are an inspiration!! (but I already knew that =) ). I would like to know what point size you use for your fonts so they are readable in the printed format.

sleoner said...

Wow! This book looks really good. Is your book 12x12? I've only scrapped a few digital pages bc I'm barely learning, so I'm nervous about sending out my files for actual prints. Never thought about choosing to add a border when getting the prints. It makes sense if I don't want to lose my edges.
Thanks for the look-see. I think it helps us all to make better informed decisions when purchasing online :)

Liz said...

Tiff - not really sure. It wasn't intentional.

Whinney - I usually use around 14pt. If it's a script or a handwritten font then I will go bigger.

Sleoner - guess I should have mentioned the size in the review! It's a 12x12. That's what I like about Blurb. They allow you to go with the border option.

Jenny said...

It looks terrific! I really like the white borders. I guess with a double page spread that had elements or photos across the middle it wouldn't be so great, but I think it works well for all the layouts you've shared. :) Your favorite is my favorite too. I remember seeing those pages when you first posted them. Great photos and great colors in the kit with nice neutral white space. It's one of those layouts that makes you go, "Ahhh..." :) Congrats on getting your printed book!

Chippi -Christie- said...

Oh this is gorgeous!! I have often wondered how I will go about printing my pages when they are done. I am going to have to investigate if they ship to Australia and how much. I really like this, especially with the option of the white border so you don't lose anything!!!

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