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I'm almost there, to the moment we first met Matthew. I think once I get to scrapping those photos I won't want to stop. These are my most recently scrapped pages of our trip to China to bring Matthew home.

Our girls were quite popular in China. It's quite rare to see American children. People would stop us all over the place to snap pictures with the girls. I think the girls actually liked it. ;)

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We took a boat ride the night before we were to meet Matthew. I think the look on Shawn's face says it all. It's hard to enjoy such an amazing moment when all you can think about is the son you are about to meet.

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And this last page are of photos taken just hours before we met Matthew. All of them (except one) were taken with our phones. Can you tell which one is the DSLR photo? Even though the pictures aren't that great I still wanted to capture and remember these moments.

Hopefully it won't be too long before I share my next batch of pages...and Matthew will be in them!

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