Month of Challenges - I finished!

The Month of Challenges is over at The Lilypad, but I wanted to share my completed pages anyway! Maybe some of the pages will give you inspiration to scrap, maybe you'll be encouraged to participate next year...maybe I just wanted to brag that I finished! :)

I'll share a little bit about each challenge and the page I created. Click on the image to get full credits.

Day 21 was a song lyric challenge. I chose Brave by Moriah Peters. Here's the journaling on my page: Brave by Moriah Peters spoke to me and encouraged me during the whole adoption process and even still. The paperwork, waiting and raising adopted kids with special needs requires a lot of courage and boldness. I don't have any of that without Christ. I constantly need reminding to keep looking to Him.

Day 22 was a filled up style challenge. You had to fill your page at least half full with brushes, elements, papers, etc... and use at least 5 photos. I love the filled up pages!

Day 23 was an If these walls could talk page. You had to scrap with journaling that was from the perspective of the walls. I chose these photos, and I journaled about how Kyla was such an amazing big sister those first few days.

Day 24 was a Cluster Challenge. There was a free cluster from Bella Gypsy that we needed to use on our page and then we were supposed to practice our clustering...which is something I need help with. I loved the cluster and the challenge.

Day 25 was an Artistic Sketch Challenge. I loved this challenge because I learned a new technique. Here's the tutorial if you want to try it yourself. I can see myself doing this again.

Day 26 was a Pocket Page type inspired challenge. We were supposed to use at least 4 photos and 2 journal cards. This was pretty easy, and I actually combined it with a right page to make a double page spread.

Here's the right page.

And the full page.

Day 27 was  Combine Two Templates Challenge. It included a template from me and Just Jamie. It was really fun combining them to see how they could work together.

Day 28 was a paper inspired challenge. We were supposed to pick a paper page as inspiration and then scrap it digitally. I chose this paper layout. It was really fun trying to use the paper page as inspiration. It gave me some new ideas, and it helped with my clustering.

Day 29 was  Photoless style challenge. This was easy since I needed to make a cover page for my China album. I love how it turned out.

Day 30 was an Art Journaling Challenge. Definitely a difficult one for me. You had to use one of the masks provided and leave it where the background was white. I honestly didn't know what to do and just put together something I might use in my House Album.
Day 31 was a Map from Here to There Challenge. You had to use a map on your page, at least 3 photos, mark at least 3 spots on the map and write at least 3 lines of journaling. This was a fun page to make.

Those last few days of the challenge I didn't think I was going to make it. I fell behind by about 5 pages. Since I was so close I didn't want to quit. I thought I would at least finish each challenge even if I didn't complete the pages on time. I ended up getting them done on time though! What an accomplishment.

I hope you'll join me next year!

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Jenny said...

Way to go! I probably would have given up after the first two or three. :) They all look great!

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