My 2016 Album Review

A few days ago I posted this photo on instagram. You can even see my happy dance if you follow me. I was so excited to be putting together my 2016 album! 

Today I have a little review and a few more photos for you. You might remember that I made this same type of album last year. The main reason I chose a 3 ring binder type approach with page protectors is for the durability of it. I have 7 kids. That's a lot of little hands and fingers flipping through our scrapbooks. I find this to be the best way to keep my pages safe and clean. My little 2 and 3 year old can flip through these pages without me having to worry about them accidentally tearing a page. It's also easy to wipe of the pages or replace a page if I need to. I've made several other types of albums (Shutterfly, Blurb, Various Layflat Albums, and More). I've really been happy with them, but for our big yearly albums this one works the best for my family right now.

I waited for a sale to order my 12x12 page prints from Persnickety Prints.  They always seem to have a sale on Super Bowl Weekend. They had a prepaid package deal where you could get 50 prints for $75. That's $1.50 a page. Which is really a great deal for a 12x12 print. I ordered my 12x12 We R Memory Keepers Classic 3 Ring Binder in Navy and 12x12 page protectors from Then I just waited for it all be delivered. It took less than a week to get both my prints and my album. Then I just had to put it all together.

The image above is before the pages were placed in the page protectors. You all know I love Persnickety Prints. I've never had an issue with any of their prints before. Their colors are true and vibrant, I never have to worry about the edges of my pages being cut off, and I've never had an issue with orders or customer service.

How thick 105 pages look in a 3 ring binder. The only issue I have with these books is how much space they take up on a bookshelf.

The 3 ring binders make for easy turning and I could easily add in a few more page if I needed to.

And just some pics of the inside of my book.

I love how big all the photos look on 12x12 pages. The journaling size is just right too.

He's a HUGE fan of my scrapbooks. He wants to look at them every day. He likes to point and show me everything as if I haven't seen it before. :)

This is why I scrapbook, and this is why I print my pages.


P.S. If you would like to take a look at my whole album you can check it out here on Flickr.


Chippi -Christie- said...

This makes my heart so happy!! Your album is so beautiful Liz, and I love that the kids are just so excited by them <3

Lynn said...

Beautiful album! I made an 84 vacation album using the same products, and it was HUGE! Glad that you at least have a place to keep yours. :)

Jenny said...

It looks great! I'm doing binders this year too, but I'm using two of the 8x8 Becky Higgins faux leather albums. I decided on those mainly because I want to be able to look through them as I finish pages, so I'll be ordering prints throughout the year (probably from the Project Life app even though I'm making all my pages in Photoshop). I did a 12x12 binder a few years ago, and I kept it out on a table all the time. My boys loved flipping through it as I filled it up through the year. That kept me motivated. I really prefer photo books, but when I have to wait until the year is over to print my books, I have a much harder time keeping up with it. Like you, the main problem I have with the 12x12 binder is how big and heavy it is. Once that year was over, I had two 8x8 Shutterfly books printed of all those same pages, and we look at the photo books a lot more often than the big binder. I'm hoping the 8x8 binders will be a happy medium. I can fill them up as we go along, but they will still be easy to get off the shelf to look at. :) I'll see how it goes!

Liz said...

Christie - Thanks! My kids have actually been fighting over them. LOL!
Lynn - Yes, it's huge! I actually just had my hubby build me another bookshelf! Too many scrapbooks and homeschool books.
Jenny - Maybe I'll have to try the 8x8. I intended to print pages through the year, but just kept putting it off!

cherrylej said...

Hi Liz, is it more "okay/practical/safe" to print each pages than to have them printed as a book? I was also thinking of doing the same for our pl 2016 because the books I have at home are getting folds already everytime we open them and since the books aren't layflat, we can't enjoy looking at them flat on the table...

Liz said...

cherryleg - I think that if you look at them a lot & you have little kids looking at them it does seem like it will hold up better. Plus I like knowing that if one page does get bent or ripped I can just replace that one page.

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