Cutting Out Cut Outs

Hi Everyone! Hoping you are all doing well! Today, I'm going to show you how to use Cut Outs differently. Let's stretch that stash a little bit!

For my images, I'm using Liz's Totally Awesome Cut Outs. :) I am also using Pink Reptile Designs papers from Love You Beary Much.

Here is the cut out - it is placed over two patterned papers. One is only slightly patterned and the other is multiple hearts.  My Layers Palette shows the two papers and the Cut Out above them both. 

Here is what I see on my screen - one pattern and the Cut Out on top. 

Next, you will press Control and click on the Cut Out in the Layers Palette. This will make the ants go marching around the edges on the Cut Out. 

After you have the ants marching, you will choose the top pattern paper in the Layers Palette. Click delete. This will remove the paper from within the marching ants. It will look super weird, and not totally legible. That's normal. 
Here is mine: 

Now, what drastically changes it and how it appears is shadowing. I've added my usual shadows and presto - a pretty cool technique! 

If you don't like the busyness of the heart paper, you can totally switch it out to another that pleases your eye or works with your layout! Here is a pink polka dotted paper underneath. 

It's totally awesome, right?! I couldn't resist! lol! I'd love to see what you create and cut out on your layouts. Give it a try! 

Thanks for visiting! 
Jenn Marione | jk703


Tanya said...

What are your 'usual shadows' settings, please? :)

Liz said...

Tanya - Jenn is going to do another blog post on her shadow settings very soon!

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