March Make It Snappy Instructions and Inspiration

On the first Saturday of every month, Tracy hosts a MIS {make it snappy} template challenge.  I've been trying to make a habit of posting the instructions and some inspiration each month after the challenge. I missed February's challenge (life was happening), but you can see the last few challenges here. I'm here today to share March's challenge with you.

These were the posted instructions for March's MIS. Take your pick!

Choose between these previous MIS instructions to complete your layout.

Option 1: December 2017: Traditional MIS

1. Have a checked/plaid/graph patterned background paper. Basically, I'm looking for lines that cross :)
2. Have two photos.
3. Have three spots of journaling/words; one of which is the title and another is the date or location.
4. Have three free-standing (not the center of flowers) buttons. Note: you can use buttons as the center of flowers, they do not count towards your three.
5. Have six flowers or stars (you cannot have both).

Option 2: November 2017: Fill-in-the-Blank

Using the following five words, fill in the instructions below.

Words: Fastener(s), Photo(s), Flowers(s), Patterned Paper(s), Line(s) of Journaling


1. Have exactly one __________.
2. Have two or more __________.
3. Have exactly three __________.
4. Have four or more __________.
5. Have five or more __________.

for example...
1. Have exactly one flower.
2. Have two or more fasteners.
3. Have exactly three photos.
4. Have four or more patterned papers.
5. Have five or more lines of journaling.
Here's what Tracy came up using the instructions and the participant template.

Now Shows - A photoless digital scrapbook page

The April MIS challenge is coming up next Saturday night, April 7th. Everyone who participates gets a FREE exclusive template.

And here are some of my favorite's my March's MIS. Click the image to see all the products they used for their pages.

A nature digital scrapbook page with dandelions.
by Marilyn

A March themed Digital Scrapbook Page by Judie
by Judie

A B&W scrapbook page with pops of color.
by Electra

A Fun Digital Scrapbook Page by Joan
by Joan
Hope this inspires you to try the challenge on your own or join us for the next one on April 7th in the TLP forum!


P.S. If you make a page with the challenge instructions please share below!

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