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Happy May!!  For those of us in central Texas it means temperatures are rising but not yet sweltering so this is the month we get out and enjoy nature!  That means I want to scrap, but scrap fast 😊  This step-by-step layout will show you how I can do exactly that with the help of Liz’s templates.  Let me show you what I mean.

First, I decided to use Artsy Journal Templates 33. These templates are super flexible and I love all the extra bits and pieces of paper strips and elements tucked in them.

Next, I adjusted the photo spot to better fit my needs and clipped a photo of my daughter. 

She has a funny sense of humor and sent this picture to me knowing I’d laugh so of course I had to scrap it!  After removing a few paper strips that I knew I wouldn’t use, I then added papers from Lynn Grieveson’s Don’t Quit collab with Studio Basics:

I placed a bunch of elements from the same collection making sure I repeated colors and shapes throughout to balance the page:

For my text, I used Liz’s Journaling Path Templates because they mimicked the artsy feel and movement of my page.  I LOVE these Path Templates!!  They are quick and easy and oh so much fun 😊 

After adding my text, I tweaked a few elements and that finished my page!  Now I can go enjoy being outside. 

I hope you enjoyed my process and thanks for looking!

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