December Daily "In Quotes" - Final Week

I'm done!!! I really loved doing this project but I'm happy I'm done. I'm really looking forward to printing if I can only figure out how I want to print it. Anybody have any suggestions?

So let me review with you the last few days leading up to Christmas in case you missed it on facebook.
Oh, & be sure to check out Week 1, Week 2 & Week 3 if you missed those.

Can you tell she could hardly wait for Christmas?

I should have recorded her singing this. It was adorable!

This is our Emmie. She didn't even hesitate when she said this. We sponsor two girls through World Vision. Each year the girls browse the World Vision Catalog to figure out what they want to "buy". Then they make up a chart & raise the money by doing odd jobs around the house during the month of December. Emmie wanted to give her "tooth fairy" money away.

She sounded so mature when she said this & it just got me to thinking.....

Truly! You should have seen the light in her eyes when she said this. It's like it clicked. She knew that He is the reason!

If you all did a December Daily Album I would love to see it. Just hook me up to your gallery or blog. I'll take a look later this week.

I won't have any releases this week. I've been taking a much-needed break from designing.

I'll be back next week with some new stuff for you all! 

December Daily "In Quotes" Week 3

Do you want to see more of my December Daily "In Quotes" pages? Well, that's what I'm going to show you today. And here some links to remind you of my little project. Week 1, Week 2 and here's a Freebie & Tutorial to help you get started, well okay, maybe not to get started, since it's well into December BUT grab the freebie, learn how to resize your templates & you can use the templates for almost anything.

Here goes.

Ah, the oblivious child. I think every family has one....or should have one. It's quite cute.
I think I have to agree. Hot chocolate is too hot!

Melt my heart.

It's like she's making us feel guilty for telling her the truth about Santa.

I'm not going there.

Sisters. :)

My daughter did indeed eat Frosty's head & she told me it was delicious.

Maybe I shouldn't have put the Christmas tree up until the day before Christmas.....but what's the fun in that?

I can't believe I only have 5 days left! I'll be back next week, after Christmas (shwew!), to show you my last few pages.

And remember, even if you don't do a daily page or daily photo or daily least jot down some of your memories. You can scrap 'em later, after the holidays, when things aren't so crazy, right?

Resizing a Card Template Video Tutorial with FREE Templates!

As promised here's a little video tutorial to show you how to resize a template. This is just a basic tutorial (I'm using Photoshop CS3) that will show you how to turn a 4x6 into a 5x7, 4x8 or even an 8x8. Ultimately you could take any size template and adjust it to make any size that you wanted A rectangularly shaped template may need more adjusting if you try to change it into a square design. It all depends on the design of the template.

Here are the FREE 4x6 card templates. I created them based off of the December Daily "In Quotes" pages that I've been making. Feel free to just use these as photo templates too. All you have to do is remove the journaling part & place a photo there instead. Just click on the pic to download.

Let me know if you have any questions.

December Daily "In Quotes" - Week 2

I'm back to show you my December Daily pages from this past week. If you missed my post last week about what I'm doing you can read about it here.

I left off on day 6. So here we are starting on day 7. Day 7's quote had me in tears. Kyla cannot wait until we go get her little baby sister. She's ready to have a playmate & someone that will be her best friend. For those of you who might not know we are going through the adoption process. Read more about that here.

This was just the most precious site I ever saw. I really should have taken a picture.

Oh, the joys of having a 4-year-old redecorate the Christmas tree!

Check out Andrew Peterson's Behold the Lamb of God Album. It's not your traditional Christmas music but it tells  "the true tall tale of the coming of Christ".

My hubby & I got to do a little Christmas shopping by ourselves followed by a nice little dinner.

Emmie likes to make me laugh!

That's it for now but make sure you stop by the blog tomorrow for some FREE template based off of my December Daily pages. Plus there will be a video tutorial to go along with the card templates.

December Daily "In Quotes"

Here's my little twist on December Daily. If you don't know what December Daily is you can check out Ali Edward's projects. It's basically documenting 1 story for every day leading up to Christmas. You can do it through pics, scrapbook pages, journaling, etc... Whatever works for you.

Anyway, since I knew taking daily pics was just not going to work for me, (believe it or not I'm horrible at remembering to take pics every day) I decided to do my pages with quotes. I'm trying to write down a quote from one of my girls every day & then scrapbook it on a 4x6 card. I think I'm going to end up with a really nice little album that I'm going to love reading every Christmas. I'm still trying to decide how I might print it out. I'll let you know what I decide to do.

So here are my pages so far.
I've chose Magical Christmas by Jady Day Studio & Flergs to scrap all of my quotes.

For those of you who might be wondering what Window Wonderlands is, it's an event where our little town decorates the downtown area & people sit in the windows of the little shops and are dressed up in old-timey costumes. The little businesses have hot cider, hot chocolate and cookies. There's music & even carriage rides. We've gone every year since we've lived here. I love the tradition.

On Day 5 I didn't get a quote but as I was pre-making my page hoping to hear something from my little girls I heard my hubby reading to them. It was perfect.

I should mention that Lucy is our cat, for those of you who might be wondering who Lucy is.

So that's what I have so far. I'll be sharing my pages weekly on my blog but if you want to see daily updates make sure you check out my facebook. I've been trying to post them there at the end of each day.

And Anita wanted to know if I was going to be making these into templates & selling them. Since I don't have time to put together a whole album right now I think what I'll do is turn a few of them into templates & then just give them away here on my blog & facebook for free! Sound good? I'll keep you posted.

Also, my friend Kami has a little December Daily freebie on her blog. It will help you with your daily pages or photos. Plus you might want to check out her December Daily photos for inspiration.

That's it for now!

2 NEW Video Template Tutorials

I scrapped this page last week with my new Play a Game Templates.
Click on the image for full credits.

Here is what this template looked like before I started. Quite a bit different.

So I thought I would show you how I changed it up.
Here ya go! I'm using Photoshop CS3.

That's not it. I also made my Christmas Card. I showed you last week. With my new Christmas Card Templates. Here it is in case you missed it.

And here's the template before I started. As you can see I changed the photo spots a bit.
So here's another little video tutorial showing you how to do that. Plus I threw in a little tutorial showing you how I copy my layer styles.


Hope this helps you a little!

My Posters

I recently released a new set of Poster Templates. I actually made them so that I could easily make Christmas gifts for family, namely the grandparents. I also made one for my brother & sister-in-law. I did a little photo shoot with them a few months ago & I had all these lovely photos that I was dying to work with.

So I thought I should show you my finished products, printed & framed.
Warning: Mom, Tiff, & Nana, if you are reading this I guess you know what you'll be getting for Christmas!

I made an 11x14 poster for my SIL & got it printed from Persnickety Prints on their Metallic Paper. It is beautiful.

For this one I used Block Collage Poster Templates.
And Lemony Fresh Revisited by Tracie Stroud.

Right out of the package.

Then I framed it with a black frame.

The only thing I notice is that the pics are a bit close to the frame. It actually looks like little Joe's head is being cut off in this pic. I think it's just the angle of this photo. Next time I'll make sure that heads aren't too close to the edge of the page.

Now for the grandparents I made 16x20 posters & printed them with Persnickety on mounted black foamcore. I absolutely LOVE them. I should have got one printed for myself! This one is for Nana & I made another one for my mom that has all the grandchildren in it. I tied a ribbon around it & I think it will make a lovely gift.

For these I used Calendar Poster Templates and Taylor Made's Sense & Sensability.

Here's a close up.

And a little reminder that you can still grab my poster templates at 20% off until 11/24 & remember that if you purchase Simple Poster Templates,  Scrappy Poster Templates, or Block Collage Poster Templates you'll get Calendar Poster Templates for FREE! This offer is only good until 11/24. :)

Try something new this Christmas. There's plenty of time to get your posters printed!

Baby Shower - Digital Scrapbook Style

I hosted a baby shower for my wonderful sister-in-law this weekend. I love hosting baby showers. I don't know why, but they are my favorite kind of party. I think it reminds me of those special times when I had my babies & wonderful friends wanted to help me celebrate each time I welcomed a new little baby into our family.

You know me & my digital scrapbook love. So, of course, I had to incorporate it into the baby shower somehow. The VERY first thing I did before I planned anything was to go find a digi-kit to get some inspiration. I found this beautiful kit from Tracie Stroud. I knew that I wanted to incorporate blues, yellows & greys into my decorations so this kit was perfect!

Kit no longer available.

Then I made this invite with the kit. It's a 5x7. I got it printed from Persnickety Prints on their pearl stock paper. Let me tell you, it was gorgeous! It looked like I had made some fancy shmancy invites. I displayed the invite at the shower....mainly because it was supposed to be a surprise shower & my SIL hadn't seen the invites yet.

And look at that cake my sister made! It goes perfectly with the kit & invite.  I should mention that this surprise baby shower was all my sister's idea. She mentioned it to me & I ran with it (with help from her). Can't believe I didn't think to do it first!

Then I made a "guess the birth date" calendar. I made a 12x12 page in photoshop, had it printed at Persnickety. After I got it back I decided it needed a black border. So I trimmed off a little bit of each side and matted it on 12x12 black cardstock. Then I punched out little some little circles. Thank goodness I kept my Creative Memories Circle Punchers back from my traditional scrapbooking days! My idea was that people would write their name & then stick their circle (I even had some leftover Creative Memories double sided sticky things that I put on the back of each circle) on the day that they thought the baby would be born. So I made this page, got it ready a few weeks early & guess what?!? To our surprise little baby Sawyer was born 5 weeks early! Thank goodness everyone is doing well. Mom & baby were both at the shower! So needless to say I didn't even need this....but you know what? I put it out at the shower anyway just because it was so cute!

We played guess the clothespins.

I made these up with Tracie's kit. Everyone filled one out & mommy can save them for the baby.
I found this idea here at And don't look too closely or you might notices the I repeated one of the phrases....& it's pretty ironic the one that I repeated!

A game I made with Tracie's kit! Another one found at (the internet is a wonderful thing!). Everyone filled out the phrases & whoever matched the most phrases with the mommy won a little prize.

 Some decorations. Banner made with Tracie's kit & my mini-hybrid banner templates.

I found these at Hobby Lobby. Cute!

Food. What's a party without food? This is the area where I like to delegate! Lots of people helped me make food. Thanks to all that helped!

This was also supposed to be at the party. I found this cute idea on pinterest. I kind of put my own twist on it & it turned out really cute: a bouquet of flowers, diapers, socks, onesies, etc... I ended up bringing it to the hospital when my SIL had her baby. He came early & I didn't want to go empty-handed. I already had this made for the shower so I thought it would be perfect to take to the hospital.

Anyway, I just HAD to share all the fun hybrid digi-stuff (& other stuff) I made for her shower.
Hope it inspires you to personalize your parties with some digi-scrapping supplies.

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