March 20, 2013

Some of My Favorites

Last week I shared with you about the new Scrap Orchard Gallery. I said I really liked going through my old pages. I really did, it brought back lots of memories. It helped me remind me why I scrap. I thought I would share some of those meaningful pages to you now.

These first two I love because I scrapped pictures that were taken five years apart at the same place, Chimney Rock. It brings back lots of memories of family trips and it reminds me how fast my children are growing!

Here and Now Templates and Here and Now Kit by Tracie Stroud and Captivated Visions (no longer available).

Here and Now Templates and Here and Now Kit by Tracie Stroud and Captivated Visions (no longer available).
I love this one because it reminds me of my many good memories!
Miscellaneous Templates 1 and Vintage Treasure by Julie Bullock (no longer available).
I like this one because it reminds me of my hubby. 
Juicy Fruit Templates, Perfectly Imperfect Alpha by WMSquared and Squared and Not Fit for Public Revamped by Laura Banasiak and Litabells Designs (no longer available).
I just love seeing all those smiles! 
Double Album Templates III and Snow Pals Bundle by Meredith Cardall Designs.
 I like this one because I can reflect back on our schooling year and see what we were doing a year ago.
Fun with Envelope Templates and Making the Grade by Tracie Stroud Designs
 This one just makes my heart happy.
iNSD 2012 Templates and Check It Out by Bella Gypsy Designs.
Anything to do with nature brings back lots of memories for me because it's something my family loves to do. We love to go on hikes, see waterfalls and just be outside together.

Photo Frame Templates and Falling Into You by Tracie Stroud Designs

Photo Frame Templates and Falling Into You by Tracie Stroud Designs

We just went to Tallulah Falls again last week. Now I want to go scrap my most recent pics to Tallulah! But since I don't have time right now I thought I would sneak in a couple pictures from our most recent hike.

Here's a pic of all four of our girls sitting on the same bench from the pic above.

And then Daddy and his girls on the bridge.

So if you need a little inspiration just go browse your gallery, or in the case of ScrapPin, go start pinning some of your old favorites to your new gallery!


March 9, 2013

Printed & Framed Silhouette

I posted a video tutorial on Wednesday showing you how to make your own silhouette using photoshop (also works in photoshop elements) and I promised you I would show you my finished product today.

This was the silhouette before I added any paper to it. If you watched the video you'll know that I saved the silhouette as a png file.

Using Paper from Vintage Sprout by the Scrap Orchard Designers

Then I took that png file and put it on a new canvas in photoshop sized 8.5x11 for easy home printing.
I added a background paper, clipped paper to the silhouette and added a dropshadow to make it look more realistic. I also added Lydia's full name and the date of the silhouette (blurred out for privacy reasons).

I printed it on my home printed. Looks pretty nice! Oh and don't mind my red finger. I was spray painting something else and got a little messy.

Then framed it and added it to my gallery wall.

You can see it to the far right. Can you also spot the silhouette's of my other daughters?

All products used are retired.
I thought I would show you this page. I made this 3 years ago and I still love it to this day...except for the fact that it's missing one little face. This is just an example of how you can also scrapbook your silhouette.

Now I guess it's time to make a new digital scrapbook page with four little silhouettes!

March 6, 2013

Making a Silhouette in Photoshop

It's time to make another silhouette. I've made ones for my other children and since I'm updating my gallery wall it is time to make one for Lydia!

I thought I would show you the process from start to finish. So today you get a little video tutorial showing you how to make your own silhouette in photoshop. This tutorial should work for the full version of photoshop and photoshop elements (I'm using CS3).

You'll have to come back Saturday to see the silhouette finished and framed on my wall.

Before we begin there are a few things you'll have to forgive me for:
1. My crackly voice. I have a cold and I sound a little rough.
2. My moments of forgetfulness (i.e. searching for the smooth tool).
3. My repetitiveness. Remember: Use the backspace to undo what the magnetic lasso tool is doing!

Okay, here's the video. If you have any questions please let me know and remember to come back on Saturday to see the finished product.

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