Week 12: Play, Learning....and Frozen!

Daily Life Templates 3 by Scrapping with Liz
Everyday Life: It's a Girl Thing Collection by Megan Turnidge Designs and Tickled Pink Studio
I love scrapping these pages each week. I hope you don't mind seeing them each week!

It gives me a time of reflection. A time to look back at what God has given me but also a time to look forward. It's a time to realize that these moments are so short, and they go by so fast. I need to embrace every moment...

Photo Tip: Ctrl + M! I use it a lot for a quick photo edit. I tend to do it more on the photos taken with a phone (can you guess which one it is in this week's page?).

Scrapping Tip: Enjoy it! Turn up some music and scrap your heart out. That's what I did this weekend!

Journaling: In no particular order...The first pic above was us trying to record the girls singing Happy Birthday for Nana. It was a little crazy. One afternoon my niece came over to play, and I snapped a pic of the three little girls going down the slide. Peas in a pod! I snapped a pic of dinner one night. Lots of memories made around that table. Journaling continued on the next page.....

Journaling: Frozen came out this week. I’m not usually a sucker for Disney movies, but this one got me. The music and the sisters pulled me in. We got the movie and sheet music. We had to jam out one evening (or lots) to “Let it Go!”  I peeked in the girls' room one evening and found them having a tea party. So sweet! I had to snap a picture. Then the pics here on the right page show a little bit of the extra learning (you know, besides reading, writing, and math) we do throughout the week. Geography practice. Kyla is naming the 7 continents for me. Then we’ve been practicing our sign language every afternoon. Kyla is signing bath. Every Monday afternoon we have sewing classes. Right now we are in the process of making a quilt.

I hope you don't mind reading my ramblings on my scrapbook page. I tend to just jot down a little bit of each picture.....in a long, nonsensical paragraph.

Now for this week's Journal Card Freebie. Just click on the image to download. 
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Tammy said...

Thank you so much for the journal card! :)

Dannethia said...

Thanks Liz for another great journal card template!!

Anonymous said...

I agree, Frozen is really special. I'm not a big fan of movies, or a Disney person, but the message and execution of this one were pretty extraordinary. Thanks so much for the card template!

Chippi -Christie- said...

Gorgeous pages! I've been away from the digi-world for a few weeks, could even be almost two months, and certainly not by choice, but I have missed seeing your pages each week!

My little girl is obsessed with Frozen, she dresses up as Elsa every other day and sings the songs all the time. We even made a new sleep cd for her with some of the soundtrack!

I love that the girls love sewing, another thing I need to get back into!

Thanks for sharing!!

Marie H. said...

I still have fond memories of visiting and playing with my cousins and the same of my kids and their cousins and now of my grandchildren and their cousins. Since I do not have pictures of my childhood and few of my children, about the best I can do is journal about it on pages of my grandchild doing the same.

Thank you for sharing once again. -Marie

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