New Weekly and Monthly Project Templates

Liz's new releases this week are all about projects! There are new Weekly Life templates, but also two different options for scrapping a month in review. These new designs are 20% off through Sunday January 31, 2016.

January Month in Review Template is right up my alley! I love this photo collage style. There are tons of photo spots and just enough paper play and embellishment to put your artistic spin on the page.

January Insta Review Template is a great way to scrap your random snapshots from your phone.

Weekly Life Templates 2 has four more spreads for daily life memory keeping. I love the simple style of these: just a few papers in the background and a sprinkling of elements on top. It's a perfect low maintenance design to keep your project do-able all year long.

And here is a bit of inspiration for you!

Katya used the January Month in Review Template to scrap her day at the zoo.

Cindi mixed papers in among the photos in January Insta Review Template.

And Jen used a single side of Weekly Life Templates 2 to scrap her daughter at 5 weeks old.

*Polly* Amber did a great job using the January Insta Review Templates to make review page for 2015.

Here's *Polly* Ashley's January Month in Review page.

And the winner from Wednesday's giveaway is...Kay S. Congratulations!

Monday's Highlight: Winter in Oki by Jennifer

Kit is Virtue of Wisdom by Paula Kesserling
Alpha is Again and Again by Quirky Heart
Winter Group Template 2015 by Scrapping with Liz

This week's highlight is brought to you b Jennifer. She participated in my Facebook Group Winter 2015 Challenge. She scrapped a page of what winter is like were she lives in Japan. A lot of us have been experiencing snow this week, but winter is definitely not the same for everyone. I like how she captured it.

I love the artsy background paper with the circles. It draws your eyes into the photos. The black stamped arrows keep your focus on the photos. Lately I'm a fan of big titles, and I like how she included the big title into her page. Plus her journaling and fun photo really make you see she's grateful for the rain.

It's a great page all around.


Week 3, January Calendar Page & 1st Recipe Page

Weekly Life Templates 1 by Scrapping with Liz
Memory Pockets Monthly - Chapter
Memory Pockets Monthly - Chapter Things that Stick by Allison Pennington
Cheeky by Valorie Wibbens
Chapter Papers by Sara Gleason
Story Cards #4 by Sara Gleason
This week was all about the snow. We've been waiting for it all winter. They were predicting 6+ inches or more in our area, which is a lot for us. We planned, prepped and got super excited. We didn't get as much as was predicted, but we did get enough to build a snowman, sled, have a snowball fight, etc... We were all happy. Almost every single picture I took this week was of the snow. I've been pretty bad about capturing the everyday life things. I need to get better at that. But since half of this week was about the snow I guess it will be okay. Next week I'll capture more everyday stuff...maybe. I'm all about no pressure right now. If it happens, it happens. If not then I'll just scrap what I have and journal about the rest.

Enough chattering. Take a closer look below if you want to.

Weekly Life Templates 1 by Scrapping with Liz
Memory Pockets Monthly - Chapter
Memory Pockets Monthly - Chapter Things that Stick by Allison Pennington
Cheeky by Valorie Wibbens
Chapter Papers by Sara Gleason
Story Cards #4 by Sara Gleason
This week I combined all of our sledding videos into one video (using movie maker) and made a QR code for it. The other QR codes is of sounds I recorded of my week (I suppose this could count as everyday stuff). I recorded the sound of my daughter playing the piano with the rest of the kids playing in the background, and then I recorded my husband playing guitar with our 2 oldest daughters. Both of these were sweet moments, and I knew if I tried to capture it with the camera it wouldn't be the same. If you haven't used QR codes here's another reason you should try it. It's a good way to capture the sounds around your life. With my son being deaf, using a cochlear implant and hearing aid to help him hear, I'm very aware of all the sounds I hear all day. Sounds that he has had to try very hard to learn how to hear and decipher, sounds that bring him great joy and excitement when he hears them or understands them. Hearing is a miracle. Capture it!

Weekly Life Templates 1 by Scrapping with Liz
Memory Pockets Monthly - Chapter
Memory Pockets Monthly - Chapter Things that Stick by Allison Pennington
Cheeky by Valorie Wibbens
Chapter Papers by Sara Gleason
Story Cards #4 by Sara Gleason
I've begun my January 2017 templates. I think I'm going to go with the 8.5x11 toppers. Last year I made the 12x18 size which I loved, but this year I'm going to make one for 3 different people. I think they might like a regular grid for the bottom. What do you think?

2017 January Templates by Scrapping with Liz
The Winter Stuff by Allison Pennington
Storyteller Reed Alpha by Just Jamie
And here's my first recipe page this year. I'm making this recipe this week, and hopefully I'll remember to take a picture. Donna's hosting a recipe challenge each month. Make sure you check it out. It will help keep us motivated during the year, and give us some tasty recipes.

8.5x11 Recipe Page Templates by Scrapping with Liz
Kitschy Kitchen by Jennifer Barrette and Sahlin Studio
Shabby Schtuff: Ledger Papers by Amy Wolff
That's what I scrapped this weekend. What did you scrap?

January Calendar, 1-10 Templates and Overlays

Are you still lining up your projects for the year? If you like to make your own calendars, Liz has a new 2017 line of calendars debuting today. And there are also number templates similar to the alphabets from last week. They are all 20% off through Sunday January 24, 2016.

She made calendar toppers each month last year, and it was great to have so much of a project already complete by the time it came to order. 2017 January Templates is the first set in this monthly product line. There are two sizes of "toppers" and a full 12x18 design with grid included. And Liz added a 4x6 card size this year which is perfect for a small desktop calendar or for a wall display.

1-10 Templates is a cute little set with lots of numbers arranged in big clusters. I can see these used for birthdays or school years, or baby's first year, or just for scrapping any number that is meaningful to you.

1-10 Overlays is a set of four number cluster clipping masks. They are kind of like stencils or cut-outs. Use them for fun layering behind photos, or designers can use them for kits.

Here's some inspiration from the new releases:

by Elllen

by Christine

by Amber
Last but not least, here is the winner from Wednesday's giveaway.....Kim K!Congratulations!

Hope you all enjoy the new templates, and if you are in the snow storm that is happening on the East Coast this weekend, be safe!


Matthew's Blurb Book

I finished up Matthew's Adoption Album a couple of months ago and ordered it through Blurb last month. After a little fiasco in shipping it finally made it here a month later. The fault wasn't Blurb's fault or really my fault. I think it was Paypal's. We recently moved and it seems like my address gets mixed up all the time now when I check out through Paypal. It shipped to my old house, went to the post office, and then got mailed back to Blurb and then finally back to us. I must say that Blurb's Customer Service was awesome. They helped me find out where my package was and immediately sent it back when they received it.

Matthew was over the moon excited to have a book all about him. He loved showing it to his sisters, and it was the first thing he showed Daddy when he got off work.

I've ordered Blurb books before. You can read about my first book hereLydia's Adoption Album here and my 2013 book here.

I was once again very happy with the book. Colors look great and quality is the same as before. I purchased a 12x12, 86 page, imagewrap (Matte casewrap with cover design printed directly on the cover)album with premium, lustre paper.

I always do the white border with the blurb book. That way I don't have to worry about anything getting cut off in the printing process. When you start working on putting together your book in Blurb you'll have to download BookWright, upload your pages and then start putting together your album. To get the white border I chose the full bleed option and then zoomed my page out to 70% to add the white border. I'm not sure if this is the best way to do it, but it worked for me. I seem to remember doing it a different way last time, but I couldn't figure it out.

The front page of the book is always grey. Not sure if I shared that in my other reviews. You can pay an extra $3 or so to get a different color.

86 pages.

Here's a side by side layout. With the white border you don't have to worry about anything missing in the seems.

How it lays.

Another side by side layout. I personally love the ones that "match".

I really loved this block style. And that glitter star looks so real close up! BTW - if you haven't started adding  QR codes to your pages you totally should. It was so fun going back and scanning the QR code and watching the videos.

Here's a side by side layout that doesn't match. It still looks great.

And I love that the bright colors look just like they did on my computer.

And this big photo, even though it was dark, still looks great. One thing I love about digi is that you can easily make your photos big on a page.

As far as cost goes this book cost me $66. The original price $101, I waited for a coupon and got 35% OFF! I recommend getting your book all uploaded and ready to print and then waiting for a good deal. I actually only waited 2 days for a coupon!


1st Recipe Challenge: Comfort Food

Hello! This blog post is brought to you by CT member Donna (djp332 in the forums). I am happy and excited to announce the first of many Recipe Challenges. I’ve been making recipe cards for as long as I have been digi-scrapping. When Liz asked her CT for suggestions, of course I asked for recipe card templates. I like the ones I’ve previously used, but I was getting bored. Even with flipping and flopping them, all of my cards were starting to look the same. 

Liz just released 2 new sets at The Lilypad. A set of cards and a set of pages. 

Here are the cards that I made with the new releases:
Kit: From Scratch Bundle by Amber LaBau and Little Butterfly Wings
Don’t tell my daughter that I’m sharing this recipe. She thinks it’s a secret family recipe! LOL!

Kit: Kitchsy Kitchen by Sahlin Studio and Jennifer Barrette
The plan is to have a new challenge theme each month. By the end of the year, everyone should have a nice stack of cards or pages to print and to keep or give as a gift. My little wooden box is just about filled, so I will be buying a new one soon. I’ve printed my cards at Persnickety Prints. Their prints are not only reasonably priced, but also water-proof! I’ve actually rinsed mine under water when they’ve become dirty. 

Let’s get started! Since it’s been cold in my neck of the woods, I have chosen for January’s theme “Comfort Foods.”  I’m excited to see what you all will come up with. Post your recipes in your favorite gallery and don’t forget to post in the fan group, too. Liz has already started a challenge album in her Facebook Fan Group to post all the recipes. Please post the full resolution jpeg there so that we can all read your recipes. 

Here are some additional CT layouts for more inspiration. I think I might need to try some of these! 

Kit: Sunny Side Up by Kristin Aagard

Kit: Morning Coffee by Etc. by Danyale

Kit: Kitchsy Kitchen and A Spring Day by Sahlin Studio
 Click here for this recipe if you need a translation.

Happy Scrapping!

Monday's Highlight: Liddy Bug by Lorry

It's Monday and that means it's time for another highlight. I just started doing this last week, and I'm lovin' it. It gives me a chance to look through my facebook group gallery and see all the beautiful pages created. I still have a hard time believing people use my templates for their memory keeping.

This week I picked Lorry's page. I love how she changed up this template and made the focus a little smaller, and then the way she blocked it really draws our eyes to the cat photos. I love how she zoomed in on the photos.

And my daughter's nickname is Liddy Bug. I actually caller her that more than her real name, thankfully she responds to it. :)
Template 43 Revisited
By Grace Backgrounds by Laurie Ann
Ash Tree Elements by Sara Gleason
Bitty Bow Bits by Kim Jenson
I'd love it if you would post your pages in my facebook group or TLP gallery. I look through them each week and pick a highlight.

P.S. There's one more day to shop the 30% off store wide sale at The Lily Pad!
And if you spend $15 you get this awesome kit for free (plus there's a template in there from me).

Week 2: Back to Normal

Weekly Life Templates 1 by Scrapping with Liz
Memory Pockets Monthly - Chapter
Memory Pockets Monthly - Chapter Things that Stick by Allison Pennington
Cheeky by Valorie Wibbens
Chapter Papers by Sara Gleason
Story Cards #4 by Sara Gleason
We are back to a normal schedule around here. It was a week filled with church, school, basketball, therapy, gymnastics, co-op, etc... I love the story card I used here on the left page. I was easily able to record our daily activities. I'm loving using the Memory Pockets Monthly Chapter series for my pages. Lots of little word bits and cards to add a little more detail to my page.

Weekly Life Templates 1 by Scrapping with Liz
Memory Pockets Monthly - Chapter
Memory Pockets Monthly - Chapter Things that Stick by Allison Pennington
Cheeky by Valorie Wibbens
Chapter Papers by Sara Gleason
Story Cards #4 by Sara Gleason
A few highlights from our week: Matthew got his adoption album this week and he just loved looking at it and showing it to his sisters. I'll be doing a little print review of it soon. My older girls are really into this new game we got my sister for Christmas, Machi Koro. We played it almost every night this week. Lydia got a watch for Christmas that takes photos. She takes a gazillion photos a day. In this picture Ashlyn is helping her take a picture of me. Apparently it will rate my 'funny face' and tell me how funny I am. I think I got 45% funny or something like that. And check out that tower Emmie made! It's taller than her. I'm telling you, these Keva blocks are amazing.

Weekly Life Templates 1 by Scrapping with Liz
Memory Pockets Monthly - Chapter
Memory Pockets Monthly - Chapter Things that Stick by Allison Pennington
Cheeky by Valorie Wibbens
Chapter Papers by Sara Gleason
Story Cards #4 by Sara Gleason
Lots of normal and lots of fun this week!

Recipe Templates, A-Z Overlays, Paper Cut Outs and Store Wide Sale

This weekend is a Birthday celebration at The Lilypad. Everything in the store is 30% off through Monday, January 18, 2016. And there is a Free With Purchase kit as well (see below).
Liz has several new releases to help celebrate, including some templates that we can use for scrapping recipes all year long. I think a recipe book would be an amazing Christmas gift for family! And we can work on it a little bit all year long and it will be all ready for printing at the end of the year.

8.5x11 Recipe Book Templates 1 and 4x6 Recipe Cards Templates 1 are both just the first set in these lines. Liz will add more throughout the year. And Donna will be hosting a recipe challenge to help us stay on track with our projects.

Paper Cut Out Templates is a fun set with lots of paper pieces layered up in the background. These were included in a past edition of The Digi Files.

A-Z Templates both have cute layered alphabets decorating the page.

And finally, Alpha Overlays has four different presentations of alphabet arrays. These are large overlays that nearly cover a 12x12 background. They are perfect for scrappers or for designers to use in kit creations.

Rebecca used the A-Z Templates to make a cover for a baby's first year album.

Katya made a beautiful page for her recipe book with 8.5x11 Recipe Page Templates 1.

And I love how Christine used the Paper Cut Out Templates. Those angled paper strips look just like shoe string french fries!

And here's the gorgeous kit you get if you spend $15 towards the store. All the new designers contributed, including Liz. You'll find a template in the download that I just love.

It's a great weekend to do some shopping!

The winner from Wednesday's giveaway is....Lorry Lee! Congratulations.
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