Month of Challenge is here & I'm having so much fun!

Every January for the last 5 years The Lilypad has hosted a challenge called The Month of Challenges. There's a new challenge every day of the month. If you complete all 31 days you earn $20 to The Lilypad! Last year was my first year at The Lilypad and the transition from my old digi-store to The Lilypad took all of my time and energy. I didn't even think about accepting the challenge. But this year the transition is behind me, and I have some major scrapping I want to get done, plus I've been wanting to challenge myself with some new techniques. I thought MOC might be the perfect thing to get me motivated, and boy has it worked! So far I have completed 7 days, and I can't wait to see what tomorrows challenge is. 

How do I get it done? MOC is 2nd on my "work" to do list every day. I write down my top priorities (MUST get done sort of stuff), as far as my business goes, and then I put everything else behind me until my MOC page is done. Most of the days I'll check out the challenge in the morning so I can get a feel for what it's going to take, what pics I might want to scrap, make sure I have the kits I want, etc... I thought with doing this challenge that it might put my behind on designing templates or other work that needs to be done, but it hasn't. It has motivated me and given me inspiration. I've never worked faster before and been more inspired. I can't wait to scrap my MOC page each day.

It is true that we haven't started back to full school week so that gives me a little extra time during the day to work and scrap. We start back to a full schedule on Monday. I'm interested to see if I can keep it up!

Here are my pages. I'll write a little description of the challenge, and you can click on the image to get full credits for the pages.

Challenge 1: Choose a letter that means something special to you and scrap about it. I chose F for Forever Family, and I used our first family photo with Abi and Isaac.

Challenge 2: A year in review type challenge. I reviewed our steps to bringing Abi and Isaac home and then finally being together.

Challenge 3: A Simple Template Challenge. It was fun using a template from a different designer.

Challenge 4: Stylin' Titles Challenge. The challenge here was to apply a style to your title. I used a foil style from Just Jamie. It's subtle on the smaller page, but I think it will be more noticeable when printed.

Challenge 5: ATC Challenge. The challenge was to make an ATC (Artist Trading Card). I've never done this before but it was a lot of fun.

Challenge 6: Inspiration Board Challenge. There was an inspiration board, and you had to include 5 things in your page that you were inspired with by the inspiration board.

Challenge 7: Blind Scrap Challenge. There were 9 instructions to be followed without a page for direction. Fun and simple.

I'm hoping to share my pages at the end of each week. Have you ever participated in the Month of Challenges? 


Vrielinkie said...

For me it's the 2nd time ariund and I love it! And Monday school starts (I work at a University) and it's exam time which means I'll be working longer hours because I'm on standby. So I hope I can keep it up too. Love your pages, good luck Liz!

Anne of Alamo said...

oh I am with you on school starting, we begin our new year this upcoming Monday, and the MOC has me almost finishing my Jan/Feb 2016 book! woo hoo

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