My Newest Digi Gallery Wall.....and Adoption Update!

Do you remember a while ago when I wrote a blog post about My Walls? Do you remember that lonely, empty wall I showed you at the bottom of the post? Well, it's not empty anymore! Now that things are rolling along with our adoption I decided it was time to finish up that wall for our newest little girl.

Of course, I had to use some kind of digital scrapbook products to decorate that wall. I found this cute kit called Spring-A-Ling from Tracie Stroud, Nikki Beaudreau, and Sabrina Dupree. I started by making this 8.5x11 page in photoshop. Then I printed it on my home printer and placed it in a frame.

The color is off a little on the print (most likely my cheapo printer). 

I had been collecting different things (for several months) that I wanted to hang on her wall so I just kind of arranged them all how I wanted (on the floor first) and then hung them up.

Let me explain the pics a little bit. The top left, with the little girl praying, was a picture that used to hang in my room as a little girl. The 3 ladybugs that you see surrounding her name were made by Lydia's older sisters. They each made a ladybug out of traditional scrapbook paper. It was super easy. Just cut a big circle, cut it in half, cut a somewhat smaller circle for underneath the bigger circle and then cut a little circle for the head and glue it all together. They each signed their name on the bottom right-hand corner of their ladybug picture. The right-hand picture was given to me by my mom (a long time ago). She loves Bessie Pease Gutmann prints. And then the little ornate frame on the bottom right has an L made out of buttons (you know, like the ones you see on Pinterest, at least that's where I got my idea).

Here's a corner view. The ABC picture came from Target.

Just yesterday we got an update on our little girl! Just in time for this blog post. So here are a few updated pictures. She seems to be doing really well. They say she's a sweet little girl. Isn't she a cutie? We'll be going to get her soon!

No more lonely walls in my house! Just a lonely bed that will be filled soon.


Kait said...

I am ever so happy for you and your soon-to-be daughter! It's exciting to see you share your enthusiasm at her impending arrival. Love the artwork and arrangement.

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that your little girl will be joining your family soon! She is very blessed to be welcomed into a family that loves her so much already. She is going to love her room, especially her Love Wall! Thanks so much for sharing your excitement, now I am looking forward to more updates of Lydia's journey. :-D

Shanell said...

Liz! I love the ladybugs and her name is adorable! So excited for you to have her soon! I had that same print (the girl and the dog) in my house growing up too! LOVE IT!

Sue said...

What a cute wall with all those special hangings! I pray all goes well with the adoption. Lydia is adorable!

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