Monday's Highlight: Those Eyes by Christie

Full Credits Here
This page just jumped out to me. Look at those eye! The sketch effect with the little bit of color, the way she blended the paper in with the just works together so well. I love that she added a few full color photos of those eyes too. And the journaling is just so sweet. Christie did an amazing job with this page!

Make sure you are uploading your pages in the SwL Facebook Group. I love browsing the pages, and your page could be highlighted on the blog and you could win some $$$ to my store.

Happy Monday!

More Paper Strips and My Life Templates 2

Liz has some new products for us today - some pocket style templates for scrapping everyday life, and some traditional page templates for scrapping individual memories. Both are 20% off through January 29, 2017.

More Paper Strips Templates 1 is a varied set with 1-6 photos on a page, in sizes from small to large. The photo spots are framed up with overlapping thin paper strips which are really fun.

If you are scrapping your weeks, My Life Templates 2 - 2017 is a new set of pocket-inspired designs. They have the blocked arrangements of the pocket style, but with a lot more variety in photo size and shape. They are great for scrapping events too.

Amanda paired up papers and photos and lots of embellishments in More Paper Strips Templates 1 ...

while Farrah took a much more minimal approach.

Donna scrapped a single page with My Life Templates 2 - 2017 ...

and Amber scrapped a beautiful 2-pager.

Have fun shopping and scrapping!

2017 Week 3!

My Life Templates 1 by Scrapping with Liz
January 2017 BYOC Products available at The Lilypad
Counting the Weeks Volume 1 by Amber Labau
Week 3: Everything from sleepovers, to reading, to snuggles, to ice skating, to eating out! It was a fun week full of memories.

My Life Templates 1 by Scrapping with Liz
January 2017 BYOC Products available at The Lilypad
Counting the Weeks Volume 1 by Amber Labau
I chose a black background after seeing Chippi's page in the gallery. I loved the way the black background looked with the lighter papers on top.

My Life Templates 1 by Scrapping with Liz
January 2017 BYOC Products available at The Lilypad
Counting the Weeks Volume 1 by Amber Labau

50% Off One Day Only: Waves and Paper Cut Outs

Today I have two half price offerings in very different styles. Enjoy the 50% SOSN discount on these products today only, January 25, 2017.

Simple Photos and Waves Templates are full-page designs that you can use to scrap a lot of photos at once. Wavy paper strips complement the big bold titles.

Paper Cut Out Templates have a more clustered style and feature angled paper strips in the background.

Here's a winter page by Katya using Paper Cut Out Templates.

Here's a fun take, by Loud, on the Simple Photos and Waves template.

Donna used Simple Photos and Waves Templates for a travel spread.

Christine used Paper Cut Out Templates to scrap a funny everyday memory.


Month of Challenges - Week 3 Complete!

I made it through week 3...barely! I was behind by 4 pages, but now I'm caught up (well, except for today's challenge!).

Here's a quick re-cap of each challenge and my pages. *click on pages to get full credits

Day 14 was a Double Layout Challenge. Right up my alley. I scrapped a double pager of photos we took right after meeting Abi and Isaac. Boy have they changed in just a few months. Abi is all smiles and giggles now. Isaac still loves books and cars...but his China haircut is gone and he has a way to communicate now!

Left Page:

Right Page:

Day 15 was a Paper Blending Challenge. The challenge was to blend at least two papers together. I've never really done that before so it was something fun to try, and I'm sure I'll be doing it again.

Day 16 was a Photography Challenge. We were supposed to tell a story through photos. What do you think? Did I do a good job?

Day 17 was an inspiration challenge. We had a vintage type photo to go off of and we were to draw inspiration from that.

Day 18 was a scraplift challenge. We were to scraplift from the gallery of the person posting above us. It was fun browsing the gallery and choosing a layout to lift.

Day 19 was a list challenge. Make a list of 5 accomplishments from the last year. I'll admit, I probably would have never scrapped a page like this on my own. Afterward I was glad for the push. I just chose 5 random things as I went through my photos.

Day 20 was a photography challenge. We were supposed to scrap an imperfect photo. I was glad to do this challenge. I took so many photos of us eating in different restaurants while in China and most of them were not that great because of the poor lighting and moving children. I just decided I wasn't going to scrap them. This challenge gave me some inspiration to try and scrap them anyway, besides, they are moments I want to remember. So, who knows, maybe I'll do a another page with a compilation of all of my bad meal time photos.

That's it for this week. Let's see if I can make it through another one!

New Monthly Projects - Calendars and Reviews

Liz has some new monthly project templates for us today. These are monthly calendar and review templates, similar to last year, but with fresh and new designs. Both are 20% off through Sunday, January 22, 2017.

Scrap a review page each month, starting with January Month in Review '17 Templates. Your 24-page album will be ready to print at the end of the year. Even if you only scrapped one monthly summary each month, you will be documenting a whole year of memories!

And if you scrap a calendar page each month, starting with 2018 January Templates, your 2018 calendar will be ready to print at the end of this year!

Christine scrapped a double travel page with January Month in Review '17 Template.

And Amber scrapped a January Review page with the January Month in Review '17 Template.

Katya scrapped a memory using the 12x12 size template in 2018 January Templates.

Abish scrapped this fun 4x6 card with 2018 January Templates.

And Shivani used 2018 January Templates to scrap a regular 12x12 page.

2017 Week 2 is in the books!

My Life Templates 1 by Scrapping with Liz
January 2017 BYOC Products available at The Lilypad
Counting the Weeks Volume 1 by Amber Labau
I'm loving how these templates are helping me fill up the page and use lots of photos from the week, and using the BYOC products from TLP is a lot of fun and gives me a lot to choose from. I did decide to use Counting the Weeks Volume 1 for my weekly title each week. I was tired of picking out different fonts, papers or alphas. Seriously, it's what took the longest on my pages. So, I'm going  just going to place those stamps on each of my pages and cut down some of the time it takes to make these pages. I want to free up a bit of time to scrap some of the other albums I want to get finished.

This week we started back to co-op, had a major doc appointment for Abi (everything looks really good!), were still snowed in for a day, played outside with shorts on (yes, we went from being snowed in to wearing shorts in the span of 5 days), among lots of other in between things. It was a good week.

I ended up putting those read-aloud pictures I had to take for the MOC challenge on my weekly glad I took them.

How are you doing going into your 3rd week of 2017?

50% Off One Day Only

Today I have an assortment of products on sale, some full page templates, some more clustered templates, and a calendar/monthly review set. Enjoy the 50% SOSN discount on these products today only, January 18, 2017.

Perpetual Calendar Templates is a unique set, GREAT for scrapping monthly summaries. There are twelve monthly pages split between photos and daily journal lines. There are also four full page blocked photo grids, for making a 2-page template with LOTS of photos. The numbered journal lines can be used for list journaling if you are scrapping an event instead of a monthly summary.

Photos and Chevrons Templates are filled with nice big photos and some fun paper play with chevron shapes.

Plus Sign Templates is another set with some fun paper play, this time with plus signs. Great for scrapping math pages, money pages, or just for some unique play with paper shapes.

Here is a 2-pager Kimberley made with Perpetual Calendar Templates.

Here is a 2-pager Donna made with Photos and Chevrons Templates.

And here is a few pages made with Plus Sign Templates.
by Cristine

by Christine

Monday Highlight: Hatsumode by Nini

It's Monday and time for highlight. I saw this page in my gallery last night and the title drew me in. I love the wooden elements, the black stamp-like title and then the journal strips all inside the quotes. I even researched what Hatsumode is a little bit, I was so intrigued by this page. I love her series of photos too. She did a nice job scrapping this with just the right amount of elements and amazing title work to keep the focus on the photos and draw you into the page.

Great job Nini!

I've really enjoyed looking throught my SwL January Album this month. Lots of great pages. Keep 'em coming and you could be highlighted next week and win $$$ to my store.


Month of Challenges - Week 2 Pages & One Extra Page

Week 2 of the Month of Challenges at The Lilypad is complete. So far I have completed all of the challenges except yesterday's. It's a double page challenge, which should be fairly easy for me, but I was focusing on my weekly double page yesterday so I didn't get it complete. No worries, I'll work on it tonight.

Last week I shared a little about MOC and the pages that I completed. It proved to be a little more difficult this week to get my pages done, since we are back to a full schedule, but I did it! 

Anyway, here's a little rundown of the challenges and my pages. *click images for full credits

Day 8 was an "All About...." Challenge. Scrap something "All About" something. So, I scrapped All About Jinan. It's the capital city of the province of where our two newest kids are from. I'll include this page in our China album.

Day 9 was a Clean and Simple Challenge. Use a small area or your page with 6 elements or less. This was a little tough, mainly because I have so many photos I want to scrap, but in the end I'm so glad I scrapped this photo on a single page. I think it helps depict what we were feeling. It's the moment right before we meet Abigail and Isaac.

Day 10 was a Story Telling Challenge where you had to use drop caps in your page somewhere. This page ended up being so fun to create, and I love the drop caps look. I don't think I've ever tried it before. I'll definitely be using that technique again. I told a story from Horseshoe's perspective of China. My hope is to make a whole Horseshoe Album one day for my daughter. She read the journaling on this page 4 times she loved it so much. Our daughter brought Horshoe along and we played a little #horshoegoestoChina game on facebook where our friends and family would try to find Horshoe in our photos. It was a lot of fun.

Day 11 was a Specific Photo Challenge. This was the toughest one yet. You had to take a new photo at specifically 8:00am or 8:00pm and then scrap about it. I didn't look at the challenge until the end of the day so I had to wait until the next day to take the picture. This made me a little grumpy. LOL! But, I pushed through, got my picture, and I'm so happy with my page, and that I documented this regular daily event in our lives.

Day 12 was a Filled Template challenge. We got to scrap with a beautiful template from Fiddle-dee-dee Designs. There were really no other requirements. So this was a nice, easy challenge, and Cheryl's template made it even easier!

Day 13 was a One Word Journaling Challenge. You had to use the word Explore and fill up at least 1/4 of your page with journaling about exploring. Obviously I chose to scrap about exploring China, all the things we got to do...but ultimately all we could think about was our kiddos!

And then, since I've really got this scrap MOJO going on. I participated in my own MIS last Saturday night at The Lilypad. Tracy hosts it. She gives out instructions and then you have 24 hours to scrap (to earn a free template from me) or 1 hour (if you want to be entered to win the $10 prize). These are always inspiring because it gives you instructions to follow. I always have an MIS on the first Saturday night of the month at 7pm.

Okay, off to complet my day 14 and maybe day 15 page! I can do this!
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